Blue Apatite Healing Properties


Blue Apatite Crystal for psychic ability and communication


The healing properties of Blue Apatite focus on the areas of creativity, communication, speaking truth, increasing knowledge and intellect, concentration, memory, clairvoyance and psychic ability. It aids in clearing apathy, anger, confusion, sorrow and irritability. Blue Apatite has an uplifting energy that stimulates ambition and motivates one to create and attract a new vision of reality in their lives. It encourages clear communication and creative expression and is excellent for those with social anxiety or nervous about public speaking. It builds confidence, overcomes self-consciousness and feelings of alienation to promote a sense of belonging, openness and social ease. Blue Apatite is a powerful spiritual crystal for working with the subconscious and karmic influences in one’s life. It is also known as a hungry suppressor and for balancing the physical and energic systems within the body.