Healing Crystal Connectors

Our current range of Healing Crystal Connectors are all natural and rough to ensure their energies and healing properties are as close to how they were when they were birthed from the earth. Natural crystals have had less interference and possess powerful raw energy that may be reduced in highly processed crystals. Crystals for our Connectors collections have been selected for their spiritual and healing properties, within limitations concerning potential toxicity or degradation of some crystals when immersed in water.

The natural crystals used in the Healing Crystal Connectors collections range from naturally terminated, natural points, chunks, and chunks with one side polished. It is important to recognise that as natural products, terminations or points may not be ‘perfectly’ form and may have chips, cracks or dints (as will chunks) much in the same way organic foods may not look as ‘perfectly’ formed as their counterparts, yet they are free of damaging poisons often used by growers to produce ‘perfection’. Our chunk crystals come in two forms: pure natural chunks and one side polished. We have been able to polish one side of some chunks to enhance the aesthetics with minimal interruption to their natural energy.

Whilst all our natural crystals possess raw powerful energy, the different formations change the distribution and flow of the energy. Terminated and pointed crystals provide a single point of focus and energy distribution that can draw together and intensify the energies. Alternatively, chunks distribute the energy of the crystals in a more gentle and dispersive manner which penetrates deeply. This can be helpful to achieve a more subtle and enveloping use of the energies.

The terminated crystal provides a natural channelling of energy into a single focused point. When present in Healing Crystal Connectors packs, they can intensify the concentration of the crystal’s energy and of those crystals around it. If used as a middle crystal, it can draw in the energies of the crystals around it and direct the energies in a more focused fashion. This can be particularly useful for focused healing if you wish to localise the flow of energy and healing in a specific area.  

All our crystals are cleansed and energised in the pristine rain forests of Far North Queensland. The crystals are submerged in the flowing rainforest waters to ensure any negative energies are released and then placed on the river rocks and rainforest floor to be energised with the spirit and liveliness of these ancient rainforests. Once the crystals are cleansed and energised they are then transformed into Healing Crystal Connectors. Our craftsperson attunes to each crystal and finds the form it wishes to take in the connector and respectfully moulds the individual crystal to this form before embedding it within the high grade marine quality stainless steel connector. At completion of this process, the newly formed Healing Crystal Connectors are then further cleansed by smudging with cedar smoke and energised by the sun and moon as appropriate. They are then stored securely, awaiting the journey to their new home with you. Information on how to cleanse and energise your Healing Crystal Connectors can be found here.  

In selecting your Healing Crystals Connector packs, we encourage you to set an intention or prayer to guide you to the packs that are ‘right’ for you. Naturally, it is important to read descriptions and have knowledge of the different crystals’ properties, but it is just as important to be guided by the intuition (whether you are purchasing for yourself or as a gift for a loved one). Setting an intention and using intuition in your selection will help to ensure you receive the pack that is intended for you. Further to support this process, we use spiritual attunement, intuition and prayer when selecting each connector for our bundles and packs. 

Intuition is also important when selecting a specific Healing Crystal Connectors combination for your daily use for bathing/healing/mediation. While we have developed pre-constructed combinations as foundations to assist a range of people, if you have purchased several extension packs we encourage you to embrace the freedom this allows to move beyond the prescribed pack combinations and tailor combinations to your unique needs. The only practical caution is to ensure the configuration is balanced when utilising for bathing to ensure the buoyancy of the Crystal Healing Floats.  

For further information on the Healing Crystals Connectors individual personalities, energies, how to care, cleanse and energise your Healing Crystal Connectors and for vital information on cautions regarding toxicity please read the 'Product care and Cautions' page.