Clear Quartz Polished Chunk Floating Crystal Healing Necklace

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The Clear Quartz Polished Chunk Floating Crystal Healing Necklace is a unique element of Anandalite Creations’ Floating Crystal Healing System which allows you to take the power of crystal healing with you throughout the day and night. After meditating or bathing with your favourite collection take that healing energy with you by selecting one of the Healing Crystal Connectors from that collection to wear in your necklace.

Get the most out of the system and take a selection of your favourite Healing Crystal Connectors with you in your handbag to change as needed throughout the day. Start your day grounded with Smoky Quartz, swap out for Blue Apatite to help with that important presentation at work, swap out for Red Jasper to give you the energy to finish your day and end by swapping out with Amethyst to help calm and cleanse before retiring for the day.

Clear Quartz is often referred to as the Master Healing as it amplifies, energises and enhances the healing energies of the user and the properties of crystals with which it is combined. It is a high vibrational crystal that includes all colours of the spectrum and therefore works with all chakras.

The healing properties of Clear Quartz are particularly helpful in the areas of amplification and magnification, clearing and cleansing, balance and harmony, spiritual awareness and development and as a channel between the spiritual and the physical. It is most accommodating to programming, allowing one to instil or insert specific unique programs in different Clear Quartz crystals for different purposes. It can assist to redirect a material focus to a spiritual focus. As the Master Healer Clear Quartz is multi-dimensional and is one of the best crystals to utilize to achieve deep meditation, mindfulness, spiritual awareness and divine communion with all.

The Clear Quartz Floating Crystal Healing Mini Pack includes:

1 Leather Necklace (adjustable) with unique Anandalite Creations connector (connector approx. H 10mm x W 20mm x D 20mm)

1 Clear Quartz Chunk (1 side polished) Healing Crystal Connector (as crystals are naturally occurring the shape, colour and size will vary)

1 Crystal healing properties card

For more information on healing properties see Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Properties

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Cleansed and Energised

All crystals are cleansed and energised in the pristine rainforest of Far North Queensland.


It's the perfect gift. My wife is going to love it!

They're beautiful. I've never seen anything like this before and made so well.

Red cedar

Natural vibrant colours. Sealed with Tung and orange oil.


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