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Anandalite Creations revolutionary new system for bathing with crystals is a world first technology, floating crystals (patent pending) and so much more.

Be your own crystal healer anytime, anywhere.

Versatility - freedom to use your way

- Crystal healing in the bath

- Energy Diffuser to clear negative energy and revitalize your living spaces

- Activities such as yoga, meditation, work, gym, massage, or Reiki

- Or try in a bowl of water as a centre piece

Floating Crystals

- The Healing Crystal Connectors float above your body focusing the crystal energies directly to your chakras and auric system.

- Healing Crystal Connectors specific to different chakras can float over that chakra.

- The Crystal Healing Float uses the water to move where needed in response to your energy system.

Unique connecting system

- Change between different Healing Crystal Connectors Packs to match your specific needs each use 

- Select between individual Healing Crystal Connectors from your extended collection to create personalised combinations

- Use different Healing Crystal Connectors with different Anandalite Creations’ products

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