Product Care and Cautions

Thank you for purchasing or considering purchasing an Anandalite Creations product. We hope that you enjoy your product and benefit from the potential healing, relaxation, mindfulness and spiritual development properties. All our products aim to assist the user on their unique spiritual journey towards unity and divine bliss as captured within the properties of our namesake crystal ‘Anandalite’.

This page outlines important information and some cautions to assist you to care for your product as it cares for you.

Healing Crystal Connectors

Cleansing your Healing Crystal Connectors  

There are several methods for cleansing crystals. However, as all Anandalite Creations’ crystals have been selected for their compatibility with use in water cleansing in water is the simplest method. In addition to guidance on this method we have also included instructions for three other common methods.  

Your Healing Crystal Connectors should be cleansed regularly with consideration of frequency and purpose of use . The more frequently and more purposefully you use your Healing Crystals Connectors the more frequently you should cleanse them.


To cleanse your Healing Crystals Connectors using water simply rise under running water after use. To ensure the cleansing process is maximised it is useful to focus your intention on the process and imagine any negative energies being washed away by the water.

Please note that salt water is not required to cleanse appropriately and may cause damage to some crystals, such as Carnelian.

If you would like to enhance the cleansing experience with water you could place a couple of drops of an appropriate cleansing oil such as lavender in a bowl of the water and briefly emerge the crystals with the intention of cleansing and then rise in running water to remove any oil residue (to minimise potential damage to your Healing Crystal Connectors).


Should you desire you could also cleanse your Healing Crystal Connectors by smudging them in the smoke of a cleansing incense or smudging stick such as white sage or frankincense. However, we strongly encourage the use of cedar incense for smudging as it aligns the crystals with the essence of the Crystal Healing Float and in its own right is a potent cleanser.


The use of sound can also cleanse your crystals. To utilise sound as a cleansing method hold your selected sound device over your Healing Crystal Connectors as it is sounding. Common devices include Tibetan bells, singing bowls or even a tuning fork.


You can harness your breath to cleanse your Healing Crystal Connectors anytime anywhere. Take a moment to settle your mind and bring your attention to the moment. Breath in deeply through your nose whilst setting your intention to cleanse the Healing Crystal Connector and then bring the Healing Crystal Connector up to your nose and exhale short forceful breathes from your nose onto the Healing Crystal Connector. Please note it may be useful to take a moment to cleanse your nasal passages prior to cleansing using this technique.

Energising your Healing Crystal Connectors
Solar and Luna

The two most popular methods for energising crystals are via Solar or Luna energy.  Each has their own specific energy and these energies can be more aligned with some crystals than others. For example, Moonstone, Selenite and Labradorite work well with Luna while crystals, such as Carnelian or those from the Quartz family do well with Solar energy. When cleansing under the sun be aware that the sun can fade or alter the colour of some crystals so it is best to place them out during sunrise and sunset. When cleansing under the moon it is usually best to do so under a full moon.

Finally, when using these methods harnessing the energies of the Earths natural cycles can produce a higher level of charge and energising. For example, energising during the solstices’ or equinoxes.   

Other Crystals

Other crystals can also be used to energise crystals. It is best to use a larger crystal to energise a smaller crystal. Crystal clusters are particularly useful for this method. This can also include large rocks and boulders found in your natural environment such as the large river boulders we use for the initial energising of Anandalite Creation crystals.  


Finding sacred spaces in nature is also an effect way to energise your crystals. We also use this process in our initial energising. Placing the crystals on the floor of the ancient rainforest amongst the roots of wise and strong trees enlivens the crystals with this energy. If you have a special place in nature that you go to rejuvenate be sure to take your Healing Crystal Connectors with you next time you go so that they too can energise and rejuvenate.

Programming your Crystal Connectors

While Clear Quartz crystal is the Master of programable crystal and can store many programs which it can powerfully transmit, all crystals have the potential for basic programming. Each crystal has its own unique essence or personality above that of its crystal type, essence and properties. You can help to harness and focus this by programming each of your individual Healing Crystal Connectors with set intentions before first use.

We encourage users to set a universal intention for each crystal that will assist your crystal to add to the positive healing energies of the Earth. We then invite you to set a personal healing intention for each Healing Crystal Connector that allows you to connect personally with each crystal and to assist it to maximise its healing potential for your unique spiritual healing journey.  

To program your Healing Crystal Connectors with an intention be sure your Healing Crystal Connectors are cleansed and that you have used a smudging stick or incense to cleanse yourself and the environment. Take a moment to follow your breath to the present moment. Hold the Healing Crystal Connector you are programming and focus on it deeply. Achieve a sense of its individual unique qualities and essence. Once you have connected with the crystal you can proceed to setting the universal intention. It is often helpful to frame this intention around the crystal's individual essence. For example, if when you connected with the crystal you sensed a quite peaceful loving energy you could set a universal intention such as ‘I program this crystal to contribute to the transmuting of negativity and fear to peace and love for the benefit of Earth and all sentient beings.

Once you have completed your universal intention it is time to set your individual intention. Again, it can be useful to align your intention for the Healing Crystal Connector to its unique essence. Using the example above you may have a personal intention such as ‘I program this crystal to assist me in transforming my negativity and fear into peaceful loving thoughts and actions in my everyday life’. 

To set the intentions you can either speak these audibly or within your mind, but you must focus them to the Healing Crystal Connector with determination.

Once you have programmed your individual Healing Crystal Connectors you will be able to select specific crystals for your different daily needs not just guided by the type of crystal but also its individual essence and programming. For example, you may have 6 Clear Quartz terminated Healing Crystal Connectors but only need 3 for the combination/pattern you wish to use for your activity (be it a bath or mediation session). To help guide your selection you could use your intuition and the individual essence and programming of the crystal to determine which of your Healing Crystal Connectors are the most appropriate for you in this moment. This process is made easier if you also set an intention for the activity you are conducting prior to selecting the Healing Crystal Connectors.

Healing Crystal Connectors Cautions

Crystals are a naturally occurring material the are harvested from the earth. As such nature determines their size, shape and colouring and the inclusion of other minerals impurities and inclusion etc.

Natural crystals have been selected for use with these products to ensure their energies and healing properties are as close to how they were when they were birthed from the earth. The natural crystals have had less interference and therefore less opportunity for corruption. As such crystals may have inclusions, chips or cracks etc., produced through natural ware and tear or through the process of harvesting. Such characteristics do not affect the healing properties of the crystal and are preferred for their pure natural form and potency.

As a natural mineral product crystals may have sharp edges or sharp fragments that detach and care is required in handing crystals to avoid injury and breakage.

Crystals can be fragile and require care in handling to avoid breakage. Should a crystal break or shatter clean and dispose of carefully. It is advised to wear gloves to avoid shards entering the skin.

Further, some crystals may be toxic in different forms. If cleaning up a broken or shattered crystal avoid inhaling or ingesting dust or fragments.

Potential toxicity of crystals has guided the selection of crystals used in the Healing Crystal Connectors range avoiding those that are not safe to use in water. However, as an additional precaution we advice that bathing times should be limited to avoid prolonged exposure or ingestion. Further, as a naturally occurring product we cannot guarantee that additional minerals are not included in a specific specimen that we have not been able to evaluate in relation to safety and toxicity. For example, a piece of Tree Agate my include additional minerals that would not normally be an element of Tree Agate but it has embedded within it naturally. Selections have been based on the predominant specimen type and cannot consider potential additional minerals.   

Please note – Carnelian will degenerate in salt water. If you are using a Healing Crystal Connector pack that includes Carnelian do not use bath salts. Try flower petals or incense as an alternative.

Whilst out of the water crystal connectors may remain connected to the float without issue. However, quickly wiping residual water from the connectors and float will enhance maintenance and longevity. Should this not be practical or desired storing them on soft surfaces and away from edges is recommended – Anandalite Creations also have Healing Crystal Connector stands available for purchase.

It is possible that some customers might have allergies when exposed to organic materials. If any allergic symptoms arise discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice/treatment as required.

Crystal Healing Float and Stands

Cedar wood has been specifically selected for these products for its buoyancy, water and bacterial resistance and its spiritual and physical healing properties. However, to achieve these sought-after properties the wood possesses other properties that require some careful care and maintenance but also cautions for use by some individuals. 

Tung and orange oil have been used to seal the Cedar and improve its durability. Tung oil has been used throughout history as a natural finish for woods that provides water resistance. The use of Tung oil helps to add buoyancy to the float and to seal in the tannins of the Cedar wood.

While Tung has been called a nut it is technically a seed. This distinction changes how the body reacts to the proteins and reduces the likelihood that those with nut allergises will have a reaction. If you have known allergies please seek medical advice prior to use. Should you experience an allergic reaction discontinue use immediately and seek medical treatment.

As a natural sealant, it is time limited and will wear through use. Although water resistant it does not completely seal the Cedar allowing for the properties, scent and tannins to escape. This enhances the bathing experience but may lead to staining from tannins if float is not dried and stored off surfaces in an Anandalite Creations stand when not in use. Should you notice degradation you could consider resealing your product or purchasing a replacement.

While the float is designed for partial or whole submersion in water it is not recommended for the product to be exposed to water for long periods of time and should be stored in a dry place between uses. Leaving the float in water for extended periods of time will speed up the natural degradation period.

The use of bath salts and other such products may damage the natural sealant of the float and led to an acceleration of the natural degradation (or wear and tear) of the float. If such products are used with the float be sure to rinse the product after use to remove any residue to aid in counteracting any potential damaging effects.

To assist with maintenance and to enhance longevity your float has been designed to rest within the available stand for the purpose of drying and storage between uses. Storing in the available stand will not only allow it to dry but will reduce the risk of staining surfaces. Tannins can leak from Cedar wood when wet. Storing the product on other surfaces may result in staining.

Cedar wood dust has been known to agitate asthmatic or bronchial symptoms in some. As this product has been sealed the risk of such responses has been reduced. However, if you experience these symptoms when using this product discontinue use immediately and seek medical treatment.

Cedar is known as a powerful traditional medicine and as with many medicines side effects or allergic reactions may be experienced by some (such as skin irritation). If you experience side effects or an allergic reaction discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice. 

Avoid use if pregnant or trying to conceive. It is suggested by some that Cedar can cause contractions of the uterus and therefore should be avoid in pregnancy to avoid risk of miscarriage.

Some floats have been designed to hold a candle to enhance the bathing experience. Please use candles with caution. Avoid large movements while submerged and bathing with a float with candle alight. Wood is a combustible material hence caution must be taken when using candles in floats and it should never be left unattended.