Anandalite Creations

Anandalite Creations is bringing to the world a revolutionary new process for bathing with crystals – 25 years in the making (with patent pending). The idea was simple, to develop a system that harnesses the natural magnifying properties of water to enhance the healing properties of crystals in a dynamic and responsive method. Rather than having crystals laying stagnant at the bottom of the bath, the Anandalite Creations bathing system breathes life into the process, integrating the crystals as an integral and active element of the bathing experience. While you lie back and enjoy the relaxation synonymous with bathing, the Crystal Healing Float and Healing Crystal Connectors drift on the surface of the water moving across and around your body responsive to your unique energy needs. Each element of the bathing system, including the high quality red cedar, marine grade steel, the temple’s mandala and the crystals themselves ensure you receive the optimal experience.

We are committed to producing high quality, natural and handcrafted products that are made with mindful intention. It is our hope that our products will support people in their crystal healing and spiritual journey, whether this simply means finding a Healing Crystal Connectors pack to help manage daily anxiety, find peace and relaxation in a busy world or to utilise our Healing Crystal Connectors packs to enhance spiritual development, healing and mindfulness practice.

We look forward to building a relationship with our customers, continuing to develop and improve our existing products and designs, and to deliver new innovative products.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

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