Floating Crystal Healing Bundles

Floating Crystal Healing Bundles provide you with all that you need to get started and benefit from our innovative new Floating Crystals Healing System utilising the Crystal Healing Float and Healing Crystal Connectors be that in the bath, as a mindfulness and meditation aide or just to enhance your living environment. 

Each bundle comes with a Crystal Healing Float, Stand and 5 Healing Crystal Connectors (Healing Crystal Connectors' Stand not included - connectors are housed in the Crystal Healing Float). Starter Bundles are currently available for each of our Healing Crystal Connectors Packs. Once you have selected the bundle based on the Healing Crystal Connectors you will then be able to decide between a Crystal Healing Float with or without a candle.  

Each element of this product has been selected for its spiritual or healing properties. For further information on the Crystal Healing Floats and Stands; how they are crafted, the materials used and spiritual meaning and properties please see 'About – Crystal Healing Floats and Stands’.

For information on the Healing Crystal Connectors and how they are selected and processed please see 'About – Healing Crystal Connectors’.   

17 products

17 products