Crystal Healing Floats and Stands

Crystal Healing Floats

The Anandalite Creations Crystal Healing Floats are a revolutionary leap in the process of bathing with crystals. Our Crystal Healing Floats (patent pending) allow the energies and properties of the attached Healing Crystal Connectors to be magnified by the bath water to envelop the body and most importantly to drift on the surface of the water across the body in a dynamic response to the unique energetic and healing needs of the body in the moment. All you need to do is lie back and relax and let the crystals provide a rejuvenating and powerful healing experience. 

All Anandalite Creations Crystal Healing Floats have a mandala on the top surface which provides an additional level of energetic healing to those of the crystals attached to the Crystal Healing Floats. Mandalas are produced by our designers in a state of mindful mediation and guided by intuition. These are drawn by hand and then transferred to an electronic file that is then laser printed on the cedar float. Mandalas are sacred symbols that have been utilised to harness spiritual energy and healing for centuries. The creation of mandalas is a powerful technique used by those in the pursuit of enlightenment. Utilising this additional level of spirituality provides a holistic and comprehensive bathing experience. Whilst there are a range of mandala designs to come, we have elected to launched with just one that is representative of the inherent properties of bliss and enlightenment of the Anandalite crystal –  our namesake selected to represent the pinnacle of that which humanity seeks and which we hope our products can assist in reaching (for those on their journey).

Crystal Healing Float Stand

The Crystal Healing Float has been uniquely designed as a crystal healing bathing system. Bringing crystals into the body of water magnifies and enhances the energies of the crystals allowing you to be fully immersed and enveloped in the healing energies contained within. When removed from the bath and placed in the Crystal Healing Float Stand it extends the utility. The stand itself becomes another form of suspension allowing it to ‘float’ with the crystals facing up or down with their energies infusing the immediate environment.

The Crystal Healing Float Stand completes the design essence of the Crystal Healing Float. Together the stand and float represent a Tibetan temple, symbolic of the potential spiritual awareness and healing possible with these products. Practically, the stand provides a structure for the Crystal Healing Float and Healing Crystal Connectors to dry (minimising risk of stains from natural tannins within the wood).

The stand has been designed to turn your Crystal Healing Float into a statement piece for your bathroom that, whilst drying, continues to infuse the healing properties of the Healing Crystal Connectors within the room. The stand increases the versatility of the Crystal Healing Float, permitting it, with the Healing Crystal Connectors, to be utilised outside the bath and bathroom environment. One can easily move the stand to other rooms of the home to continue benefiting from the properties (or presence) of the Healing Crystal Connectors. One could even take it to external environments, such as the office or Yoga class, to enhance these activities through the selection of appropriate Healing Crystal Connectors. They can also become a helpful way to include crystals in your mediation or mindfulness practice.  

The Crystal Healing Float Stand is made with the same high quality Western Red Cedar and sealed with Tung and orange oil as with the Crystal Healing Float. This is not simply a design decision but has been selected for its resistance to bacteria and fungus, helpful in environments such as the bathroom.

Healing Crystal Connectors Stand

The Healing Crystal Connectors Stand is made of the same high quality red cedar as the Crystal Healing Float and Stand. Its simple design meets the practical needs of housing extension pack Healing Crystal Connectors sets while adding to the aesthetics of the Crystal Healing Float and Stand. Housing your Healing Crystal Connectors in the stand allows the energies and properties of the crystals to continue to infuse the environment around them. As with the Crystal Healing Float Stand, this stand can be utilised in other environments to support other activities such as work, yoga, mindfulness and meditation.