Properties of Individual Healing Crystal Connectors


Anandalite Creations has carefully selected crystals for its Healing Crystal Connectors packs based on spiritual and healing properties, within limitations concerning potential toxicity or degradation of some crystals when immersed in water. Healing Crystal Connectors packs are designed to address specific elements or areas of life and well-being and are designed by combining various crystal combination to achieve the desired energetic balance.

A key feature of the Anandalite Creations’ bathing system is that each Healing Crystal Connector can be removed from the Crystal Healing Floats allowing the user to swap between Healing Crystal Connectors packs dependant on their welling being needs in that moment. If the user has several Healing Crystal Connectors packs, they will then be able to mix and match individual Healing Crystal Connectors to create their own personalised combinations. While intuition can be a wonderful guide in developing one’s personalised Healing Crystal Connectors combination, we have provided here a summary of each of the Crystals we use to help guide users in this process.


Amethyst Crystal

Black Obsidian Crystal

Blue Apatite

Carnelian Crystal 

Citrine Crystal

Clear Quartz Crystal

Green Aventurine Crystal 

Mookaite Crystal

Red Aventurine Crystal 

Red Jasper Crystal

Rose Quartz Crystal 

Smoky Quartz Crystal

Tree Agate Crystal