Black Obsidian Healing Properties

Black Obsidian grounding and protection crystal

Obsidian is a base chakra crystal with healing properties that include grounding, protection and cleansing. It also works well in areas of higher levels chakras such as communication with spirit and psychic abilities. These elements make it the perfect stone to use when exploring the physic or spiritual realms as it not only enhances connections to these realms but provides strong protection and grounding during the process. The shiny surface of this volcanic glass stone has been used for the purpose of scrying and developing precognition. It is a powerful cleanser of negative energy from self and the environment. It aids in healing past trauma and relieving stress and tension. Obsidian penetrates deeply and brings to the surface issues that need to be healed. For some the power and energy of this crystal can be overwhelming with Smoky Quartz a gentler more user-friendly alternative with similar properties.