Citrine Crystal Healing Properties


Citrine is a variety of Quartz Crystal ranging in colour from light yellow, honey brown or burnt amber. Citrine is unique in that it does not hold or accumulate negative energy and can be used to cleanse other crystals.

The healing properties of Citrine are particularly helpful in the areas of energisation, joy, self-confidence and use of will.

Citrine is the crystal for energy, it rejuvenates and motivates like no other improving creativity and vibrance in those who engage with it. Citrine’s energy can be harnessed to induce a youthful joy and brightness leading us to laughter, and clear bright dispositions, clearing emotional blocks and dispersing fear.

Harnessing the momentum and energy from Citrine draws wealth, success and renewed enthusiasm to us as we begin to seek our goals in earnest, manifesting dormant desires we had previously forgotten.

To aide our persistence Citrine grants enhanced intuition, concentration and intellectual capacity giving us both the will and the way to achieve our personal goals through the development of our higher selves and connection to the Divine Will.

Those open to the positivity of Citrine will find it easier to let go of negative thoughts and lingering dissatisfaction allowing them to focus on their renewed goals and desires.