Mookaite Healing Properties


Mookaite Crystal for grounding and anti-aging

Mookaite is a unique type of Jasper that comes for Western Australia. The Mookiate stone helps the user to be grounded, protected, present in the moment and to recognise that there is nothing in life they can’t handle. It is renowned for its anti-aging and regenerative properties and rejuvenates aging skin and body and revitalising the mind to restore cognitive agility and a youthful spirit to the user. Mookiate is unique in that each different stone can contain a combination of colours with each colour bringing its own set of healing properties that resonate across different chakras. Qualities include red – fearlessness, passion, action, motivation; pink – determination, commitment, caring, new love; purple – resilience, balance, intuition, innovation; scarlet – vitality, success, independence, maturity; yellow – clarity, optimism, confidence, determination; white – cleansing, concentration, enhancer, wisdom.