Red Aventurine Crystal Healing Properties


Red Aventurine Crystal is a member of the Quartz family. Its red colouring comes from the inclusion of Hematite and this influences many of its healing properties.  

The healing properties of Red Aventurine are particularly focused in the area of harnessing life force, sexuality, discernment, creativity, determination and alignment with one’s higher path.

Red Aventurine harnesses the flow of the life force energy speeding up the metabolism (making it a good choice for those with weight problems) it also increases the libido leading to enhanced sexuality and fertility.

The connection with the life force energy and the base chakra bring a focus on manifesting your goals and desires by tapping into new and Divine inspiration. It provides energy and motivation for action and staying power to achieve goals. As such, it helps one to focus on the task at hand and to presevere through difficult times allowing one to manifest their desires.    

Red Aventurine Crystals not only motivates action, but it fosters integrity, discernment, mental alertness, determination, creativity and confidence to guide one’s actions and goals. It assists one to align with their higher path and brings a lightness to achieving goals by restoring good humour and encouraging self-care and forgiveness.