Red Jasper Healing Properties


Red Jasper Crystals for vitality and nurturing

Red Jasper’s healing properties focus on the areas of grounding, protection, stabilising, physical strength, vitality, increased life force energy, and nurturing. It is known as the supreme nurturer and encourages the user to nurture others as Mother Earth nurtures all life. Red Jasper is a powerful grounding and earthing crystal and offers both spiritual and physical protection especially relating to accidents and unforeseen danger. It helps manifest fresh new ideas and strategies and instils one with the discipline and self-mastery to complete creative works. As a crystal that enhances perseverance it can also be useful in avoiding setbacks in recovery from illness and disorders. Red jasper can provide guidance on rectifying injustice and fosters just actions. It increases life force energy, physical strength, vitality, endurance, stamina and activates healthy sexuality.