Smoky Quartz Crystal Healing Properties


We have labelled Smoky Quartz Crystal as the Master Grounder because just as its cousin Clear Quartz is the Master Healer and helps to connect to the spiritual realm and amplify energies Smoky Quartz balances this by providing the energy and means required to ground energy. It helps bring the spiritual to the physical and to ground the energy of the crystals it is accompanied with and to provide a grounded and clear space for healing work.

The healing properties of Smoky Quartz are particularly helpful in the areas of gentle healing, transmutation, neutralisation, grounding, manifestation, dispelling negative emotions, depression and anxiety. 

Smoky quartz crystal provides a powerful and intense healing experience that goes to the depths of presenting issues. Whist it is a powerful and deep healer it is renowned for its gentle and prolonged affect.

Smoky quartz is well established as the go to crystal for neutralising and transmuting negative energies. As an extension to these elements it is also a powerful cleanser and detoxifier which can quickly restore energy and open positive spaces. As such, it is also a great crystal for providing protection to the user and their environment. 

As the Master Grounder Smoky Quartz is unrivalled when it comes to grounding of all types and in all situations. It works just as well grounding one’s everyday anxious and nervous energy as it does in grounding of higher energies when working with higher vibrational levels and planes. Thereby, Smoky Quartz is a valuable ally of other crystals by enhancing the healing affect through the grounding of their energies.

Where Clear Quartz focuses on drawing down higher energies from above Smoky Quartz assists the user to connect to the powerful energies of Mother Earth. Its grounding properties aid in bringing stability and joy to one’s life and has the power to draw down and manifest into physical reality one’s dreams and inspirations. 

The coloration of this healing crystal hints at its ability to work with humanities shadow side. It is believed to disperse fear, lift depression, relieve stress and anxiety, alleviate suicidal tendencies, dispel nightmares, purge resentment and bring emotional calmness and promote positive thoughts and actions.