Tree Agate Crystal Healing Properties


Tree Agate also known as Dendritic Agate is a form of Agate containing dendrites which appear as tree or fern like inclusions. 

The healing properties of Tree Agate Crystals are particularly helpful in the areas of growth, development, abundance, natural eco systems, connections, community and relationships. 

Tree Agate is a stone concerned with the journey from past to future and one’s growth along that path. The presence of Tree Agate has been associated with a cultivation of inner peace, refinement of ego, and reduction of anxiety opening the door for serenity, broader perspectives and insight that comes with maturity. It lends itself to bringing emotional closure to childhood trauma and disappointments, a general sense of acceptance of the present and a gentle balanced joy typical of growing wisdom. The Tree Agate attracts positive energy and seeks to bring abundance and prosperity to those open and willing to receive it.

Tree Agate  Healing Crystal cultivates not just an individual sense of acceptance but rather connects us to our place in the bigger picture. The use of Tree Agate clears energetic blockages holding us back from self-acceptance. It connects us with higher consciousness and the natural state of things bringing an affinity for plants and other elements of nature and eco systems.

In the realm of familial relationships Tree Agate Crystal can assist by mending rifts and friction between family members and other close relationships. Tree Agate strengthens our relationships with self and helps guide us through the impacts of our life’s journey. It allows us to better understand the experiences we find difficult, to confront and overcome negative events or to identify truths about our habits and goals we have ignored. It does so by leaving resentment, blame and guilt in the past and instead focuses entirely on righting the path towards slow and deliberate growth. A growth that brings with it not just maturity but youthful vigour for the road ahead.