Clear Quartz Crystal Healing Properties


Clear Quartz is often referred to as the Master Healing as it amplifies, energises and enhances the healing energies of the user and the properties of crystals with which it is combined. It is a high vibrational crystal that includes all colours of the spectrum and therefore works with all chakras.

The healing properties of Clear Quartz Crystals are particularly helpful in the areas of amplification and magnification, clearing and cleansing, balance and harmony, spiritual awareness and development and as a channel between the spiritual and the physical.

The quintessential attribute of Clear Quartz is its ability to amplify and magnify energies and properties of crystals around it. It is also the most accommodating to programming, allowing one to instil or insert specific unique programs within the different crystals for different purposes. It will hold these programs or intentions and magnify them as they are communicated and transmitted. For information on how to program see 'About - Product Care and Cautions'

This Master Healer can be utilized to clear, cleanse, neutralise and draw off negative energies. It is a vessel of light and draws forth the divine light and energy, into the physical.

Clear Quartz Healing Crystals are masters at balancing and aligning energies, chakras and subtle bodies and aligning these with the Universal energies. It assists with the activation, revitalisation and clarity of energies, and stimulates positive thoughts and feelings.

It provides a divine linkage and channel between the physical and spiritual realms. It is pure life force and contains the entire spectrum of light. It assists with drawing the spiritual into manifestation and works on all levels and chakras. It can assist one to redirect a material focus to a spiritual focus.

As the Master Healer crystal Clear Quartz is multi-dimensional and is one of the best crystals to utilize to achieve deep meditation, mindfulness, spiritual awareness and divine communion with all.