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Attain greater love with a Pure Love Healing Crystal Connectors Pack

Anandalite Creations’ Healing Crystal Connectors Packs help optimise our Floating Crystal Healing System by allowing you to change the Healing Crystal Connectors used with your Crystal Healing Float in response to your unique healing needs each day and use. Whether that means using love crystals, crystals for anxiety, or crystals for energy with our connecting system you have the freedom to swap between Crystal Connector Packs and individual Crystal Connectors as required. The Healing Crystal Connectors can also be used on their own to bring enhanced crystal healing properties in meditation, yoga, crystal healing sessions, at the office, or by placing in any room of your home.

The Pure Love Crystal Connectors Pack harnesses the energies and healing properties of love crystal Rose Quartz which are amplified and focused by the central Clear Quartz natural pointed crystal. This pack uses love crystals to attract greater love and acceptance into the user’s life, be it for a specific purpose (e.g. romance or healing) or a specific type (e.g. self, friendships or universal). Rose Quartz crystal is renowned as the love crystal and helps the user to connect to pure unconditional love in all its forms to build trust, find forgiveness, peace and harmony. The inclusion of Clear Quartz crystal works to amplify the energy of the Rose Quartz crystal so that the user is fully immersed in the healing properties of Rose Quartz. It also lends its own unique energies and properties that raise the vibrational energies to connect more strongly with the Divine or Universal love and energies. 

The Pure Love Healing Crystal Connectors Pack includes:

  • 1 Healing Crystal Connectors Stand (approx. W 25mm x L 148mm x H 12mm)
  • 4 Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Connectors (as crystals are naturally occurring the shape, colour and size will vary)
  • 1 natural pointed Clear Quartz Healing Crystal Connector (as crystals are naturally occurring the shape, colour and size will vary)
  • 1 Crystal healing properties card

For information on the individual crystals healing properties in this pack see ‘Healing Crystal Connectors – Healing Properties’

Anandalite Creations

Crystal Healing Floats

Pristine Rainforest

Cleansed and Energised

All crystals are cleansed and energised in the pristine rainforest of Far North Queensland.


It's the perfect gift. My wife is going to love it!

They're beautiful. I've never seen anything like this before and made so well.

Red cedar

Natural vibrant colours. Sealed with Tung and orange oil.


Mindfulness and mediation

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