Floating Crystal Healing Shower Head - Large round

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Note this package includes Floating Crystal Healing Shower Head only - NO crystals are included.

The Anandalite Creations’ novelty shower head (only available for sale in Australia - as will not fit US fixtures) has been innovatively customised to house Anandalite Creations’ unique Healing Crystal Connectors. Now you can bring the healing properties of crystals into your daily showering, bathing, and body care routine so you can cleanse and energise your soul while you cleanse your body. The healing properties and energies of crystals and healing stones are magnified when immersed in water. Anandalite Creations’ Floating Crystal Healing System is designed to ensure you can harness these magnified energies to get the most out of your crystal healing experience while in the bath or shower.

While we anticipate an expansive range of shower head we have started our shower head collection with a large round shower head with five Healing Crystal Connector (Healing Crystal Connectors sold separately) fittings.

This 200mm round shower head is made of ABS and stainless steel and will fit G1/2 BSP shower arm only, as used in Australia (shower arm not included).

Shower heads do not include Healing Crystal Connectors these packs need to be purchased separately. Browse Healing Crystal Connector Packs here.  

Anandalite Creations

Crystal Healing Floats

Pristine Rainforest

Cleansed and Energised

All crystals are cleansed and energised in the pristine rainforest of Far North Queensland.


It's the perfect gift. My wife is going to love it!

They're beautiful. I've never seen anything like this before and made so well.

Red cedar

Natural vibrant colours. Sealed with Tung and orange oil.


Mindfulness and mediation