Crystal Healing Float and Stand Bundle

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Note this package includes Crystal Healing Float and stand only - NO crystals are included.

This bundle is perfect for those who have purchased a Healing Crystal Connector Pack and would now like to upgrade and take full advantage of the floating element of Anandalite Creations' Floating Crystal Healing System. 

This bundle is also good for those that have a range of Healing Crystal Connectors and would like an additional Crystal Healing Float and Stand bundle or would like to add a different float type/designed to their collection. 

This bundle also allows for the accidents and mishaps that occur in life. Permitting for replacement of floats and stands that may have been damaged. 


Anandalite Creations

Crystal Healing Floats

Pristine Rainforest

Cleansed and Energised

All crystals are cleansed and energised in the pristine rainforest of Far North Queensland.


It's the perfect gift. My wife is going to love it!

They're beautiful. I've never seen anything like this before and made so well.

Red cedar

Natural vibrant colours. Sealed with Tung and orange oil.


Mindfulness and mediation