Green Aventurine Floating Crystal Healing Mini Pack

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The Green Aventurine Floating Crystal Healing Mini Pack utilises a heart crystal which enables hope and relieves anxiety

The Green Aventurine Floating Crystal Healing Mini Pack provides an alternative option to our regular sized float for those with a smaller bath. The mini float also lends itself more easily to those wishing to use ‘on the go’ – it will fit in most handbags and can travel from home to the office to yoga class, effortlessly. With Anandalite Creations’ versatile Floating Crystal Healing System you can receive enhanced crystal healing while bathing, in meditation, yoga, at the office, or by placing in any room of your home.

The healing properties of Green Aventurine are particularly focused in the area of the heart, renewal, hope, optimism, growth, fertility and connection with Mother Earth. When paired with other crystals from the Quartz family it will adjust its frequency to resonate more closely with and to complement their energies. Green Aventurine activates and clears the heart chakra assisting those ‘too’ intellectual to move from their head to their heart. It helps to protect the heart and bring hope, humour, joy and a lightness to life. It can increase decisiveness, amplify leadership qualities, instincts, confidence and optimism. It is a good crystal for renewal and releasing of old behavioural patterns, emotions and relationships. It helps in releasing attachments and brings optimism and deep appreciation. It is also believed to be one of the best crystals to increase fertility for those hoping to conceive.    

The Green Aventurine Floating Crystal Healing Mini Pack includes:

  • 1 Mini Crystal Healing Float (approx. W 62mm x L 62mm x H 30mm)
  • 1 Large Green Aventurine Healing Crystal Connectors (as crystals are naturally occurring the shape, colour and size will vary)
  • 1 Crystal healing properties card

For more information on healing properties see Green Aventurine Crystal Healing Properties

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