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Muddy Lotus spiritual development, protection, clarity

Anandalite Creations’ Healing Crystal Connectors Packs help optimise our Floating Crystal Healing System by allowing you to change the Healing Crystal Connectors used with your Crystal Healing Float in response to your unique healing needs each day and use. Whether that means using heart crystals, crystals for anxiety, or crystals for energy with our connecting system you have the freedom to swap between Crystal Connector Packs and individual Crystal Connectors as required. The Healing Crystal Connectors can also be used on their own to bring enhanced crystal healing properties in meditation, yoga, crystal healing sessions, at the office, or by placing in any room of your home.

Muddy Lotus utilises the high vibrational energies of an extra-large Amethyst natural pointed crystal that represents and works with the Thousand Petaled Lotus or Crown Chakra. The lotus rises above the mud and water of the physical towards enlightenment. The Red Aventurine represents the mud of the physical that grounds the spiritual development but is also influenced by the spiritual insight of the lotus floating above the illusion of the Maya. The Rose Quartz represents the water and the unconditional universal love that connects the physical and spiritual. This is a great crystal combination for spiritual development, protection, clarity, alignment, deep knowing and easing suffering. It will help the user to live in the physical world with spiritual ease – to be in the world but not of the world. 


The Muddy Lotus Healing Crystal Connectors pack includes:

  • 1 Healing Crystal Connectors Stand (approx. W 25mm x L 148mm x H 12mm)
  • 2 Red Aventurine Healing Crystal Connectors (as crystal are naturally occurring the shape, colour and size will vary)
  • 2 Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Connectors (as crystal are naturally occurring the shape, colour and size will vary)
  • 1 extra-large natural pointed Amethyst Healing Crystal Connector (as crystal are naturally occurring the shape, colour and size will vary)
  • 1 Crystal healing properties card

For information on the properties of individual crystals in this pack see ‘Healing Crystal Connectors – Healing Properties’

Anandalite Creations

Crystal Healing Floats

Pristine Rainforest

Cleansed and Energised

All crystals are cleansed and energised in the pristine rainforest of Far North Queensland.


It's the perfect gift. My wife is going to love it!

They're beautiful. I've never seen anything like this before and made so well.

Red cedar

Natural vibrant colours. Sealed with Tung and orange oil.


Mindfulness and mediation

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