Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Properties


Rose Quartz Crystal is a member of the Quartz family that ranges from pale to a deep pink. Rose Quartz is a stone that has been valued for its beauty and ability to bring love and peace to the user. 

The healing properties of Rose Quartz are particularly helpful in the area of love - from self to universal, relationships and friendships, trust, harmony and peace, forgiveness and self-worth and deep healing.

Rose Quartz is recognised universally as a healing crystal concerned with love. It can assist with attracting romantic energies and fulfilling one's hearts desires. Often it is used to purify one’s own heart and to facilitate a love of self. Beyond love of self and others Rose Quartz is capable of channelling and connecting with the universal sense of love and spiritual union and protection.

While Rose Quartz is associated with romantic and conceptual love it is not limited to them. People seek Rose Quartz for assistance with creating a sense of serenity and harmony. The gentle emotions associated with feeling trusted and appreciated. It can enhance one’s capacity for compassion facilitating a sense of connection and community replacing negativity with love and belonging with those around you.

Rose Quartz can be focused on enhancing empathic traits like receptiveness and reconciliation making it a powerful aide for those seeking to improve or amend their social bonds.

The acquisition of love brings with it many benefits and the presence of Rose Quartz has been associated with the strength to overcome great mental anguish such as depression or abuse. It can help day to day with relieving stress and dissolving unnecessary anger, worry and fear.  It is potent in its ability to heal mental concerns and friction.