Smoky Quartz Point Floating Crystal Healing Mini Pack

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The Smoky Quartz Floating Crystal Healing Mini Pack utilises a grounding crystal that is the go-to healing crystal for neutralising and transmuting negative energies.

The Smoky Quartz Point Floating Crystal Healing Mini Pack provides an alternative option to our regular sized float for those with a smaller bath. Pointed or terminated crystals help to focus and intensify the energy of the crystal. The mini float also lends itself more easily to those wishing to use ‘on the go’ – it will fit in most handbags and can travel from home to the office to yoga class, effortlessly. With Anandalite Creations’ versatile Floating Crystal Healing System you can receive enhanced crystal healing while bathing, in meditation, yoga, at the office, or by placing in any room of your home.    

We have labelled Smoky Quartz the Master Grounder because just as Clear Quartz is the Master Healer and helps to connect to and amplify spiritual energy Smoky Quartz provides the means to ground energy. It brings the spiritual to the physical and grounds the energy of crystals with which it is accompanied. Smoky Quartz provides an intense healing experience that reaches the core of issue. Whist it is powerful it is renowned for its gentle and prolonged affect. Smoky Quartz are particularly helpful in the areas of gentle healing, transmutation, neutralisation, cleansing, grounding, manifestation and working with the shadow side. It is believed to disperse fear, lift depression, relieve stress and anxiety, dispel nightmares, purge resentment, bring emotional calmness and promote positive thoughts and actions.

The Smoky Quartz Point Floating Crystal Healing Mini Pack includes:

  • 1 Mini Crystal Healing Float (approx. W 62mm x L 62mm x H 30mm)
  • 1 Large Smoky Quartz Point Healing Crystal Connectors (as crystals are naturally occurring the shape, colour and size will vary)
  • 1 Crystal healing properties card

For more information on healing properties see Smoky Quartz Crystal Healing Properties

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